aaa is a band formed by five well known Polish musicians that have the experience regarding various genres and fields of musical activity over the past two decades. Each of JAVVA members have different approach on modern rhythm-based rock music.

The project was initiated by Bartek Kapsa - drummer of such bands as Something Like Elvis, Contemporary Noise Sextet, Helatone or Tropy. He is also the co-founder of Electric Eye Records.
Bartek invited Mikołaj Zieliński to collaboration. Mikołaj is a guitarist and bassist best known from the family of related bands called Alameda Organisation, with which he released 5 albums at Instant Classic label. Alongside the other JAVVA member - Łukasz Jędrzejczak, who is responsible for vocals, keys, elecronics and percussions - he is also member of electronic trio T'ien Lai.
The fourth member of JAVVA is Piotr Bukowski - guitarist and synthesizer player who is also the founder and co-founder of bands: Hokei, Xenony or Stwory as well as duo with Hubert Zemler Opla. 
Last member (since Sep. 2020) of JAVVA is inż. Maciej Moretti Moruś well know as member of almost all the amazing bands of the local and non-local music scene. Long to write. He is in.

The first album of JAVVA called Balance of Decay (released by Antena Krzyku record label) is devoted mostly to technological, social and enviromental crisis that humanity witnesses at the end of the second decade of XXI century. The dance rhythms and melodies are being blended with bitter lyrics that portray different mundane problems and general unwelness of modern mankind.
Balance of Decay has been released on September 6th 2019 for Polish audiences only and on October 11th 2019 for the rest of the world.



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